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What Influencers Are Saying About Seasoned Influence

In today’s ever changing landscape of influencer marketing there are several factors an agency can market as their differentiators. You have some that boast top-results with millions of impressions, or eyes on your brand. There are the companies that focus on working with as many influencers as possible to churn out brand ambassadors that bombard a consumer’s social feed. Then you have people like us, who focus on finding the perfect influencer for your brand, one who will create images that grab the attention of your direct consumers in an authentic way.

With our differentiator lying within the “who” we work with, it also makes sense to ensure these influencers want to keep coming back for more, knowing that our agency will deliver the types of campaigns that they are interested in sharing and would be proud to post about. For this reason, we conducted a survey with our entire roster of influencers of whom we worked with over the past year. Take a look at what some of our partners had to say!

Communicating Requirements & Briefing

“I really appreciate the detail you guys put into the client asks upfront, it makes it so much easier to create something that the client and I am happy with when I know what to expect before shooting the content. I also really like how you do the survey reporting, makes it way easier on me to get you exactly what you need without a ton of back and forth. Would love to work together again!” – Kate Bowler

When asked about the communication styles of our agency, influencers had a lot to say! Every single one of our partners felt as if the campaign requirements, deliverables and deadlines were communicated clearly and efficiently – proactively ensuring there is little chance for copious amounts of content edits, reshoots, or worse, a delayed and disorganized campaign!

Matchmaking Brands & Influencers

“Thanks so much for the opportunity! I LOVED the product, and I would absolutely purchase it again and recommend it to friends, family, and followers!” – Danielle Kartes

There are several ways an agency finds, vets and invites influencers to join a campaign. In opposition to sending out a campaign application e-blast to an opt-in network of influencers who are solely looking for paid campaigns, we operate on an invite-only system with influencers who have first been vetted not only through our influencer technology for an authentic audience (aka no bots or red flags that would indicate fake followers) but also for beautiful, professional content. 100% of our influencers agreed the campaigns felt authentic and relevant to their audience, saying they would post again about the brand on their own accord in the future.

Respecting Influencers Work

“Y’all are phenomenal to work with!! You have set the standards high for everyone!” – Laura Leigh Elliott

“Seasoned Influence went above and beyond during and after the completion of the project and it’s truly appreciated!” – Paulina Szczepanska

“Honestly had an awesome experience working with you guys, you’re one of my favs. And thank you for the Thank You card!!” – Gina Gross

As you can see, our influencers love working with us. More importantly, our influencers feel respected and know they’ll receive the attention and support they need from our team to help them succeed. 100% of respondents agreed that our team understood the time, effort and cost it takes to create content and share a brand with their audience. 92% felt compensation met their expectations and 100% agreed they were compensated accurately and on time. To put the cherry on top, we keep it a bit old fashioned when it comes to thanking our influencers for their work and with each conclusion of a campaign we send a handwritten thank you note.

In Conclusion

When it comes to selecting an agency you want to be assured they will represent your brand in the best light, making your brand a standout amidst those who are looking to take advantage of influencers and their work. You can trust that our agency will not only provide an organized and effective campaign, but also manage it in a timely and respectful manner with influencers, supporting them along the way to create the best content possible for your brand.

Not only do we know how to create efficient and authentic campaigns for food and beverage brands, we also know some of the best influencers in the game and know how to retain talent to continue producing top-notch work. After all, when asked if they would work with Seasoned Influence again, 100% of our influencers said yes. Even better, when asked to compare how Seasoned Influence stacked up against the competition, or the other agencies, platforms and brands our influencers had worked with in the past year, 85% of respondents agreed we performed better, with the remaining 15% stating the partnership felt about the same.

So if you ask us what makes us different, just take a look at our work and what our influencers are saying. We trust you’ll find high-quality images produced by invested content creators who are helping to move the needle all while filling your social funnel with top-quality UGC.

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