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Who We Are

Seasoned Influence is a Influencer Marketing agency focused on creating the most effective campaigns within the food industry. For us that means going the extra miles to find the influencers with the closest fit, favoring engagement over reach, and working with them strategically to create the highest impact for food brands.  

A Custom Approach

We guide you through a seamless process to create a campaign focused on your business need while still allowing influencers the ability to craft a message from their own personal perspective.

To Make An Impact

82% of consumers are “highly likely” to follow a recommendation made by a micro–influencer.

Seasoned Influencers

We work with Seasoned Influencers with a track record of creating mouthwatering content that effortlessly integrates food products into their site and social channels.  Hand-picked for each campaign based on their niche and demographics, they reach a loyal and engaged following who trust them and are eager to hear suggestions and recommendations on what next to try in their kitchen and homes.

Create Mouthwatering Content

We work with bloggers to not only engage with their audience, but also to create usable assets for our clients.
Tasty pizza with ingredients, spices and mobile phone on black background. Flat lay, top view. The phone takes pictures of food

Solve your need for new unique content by having influencers create eye popping images, video and captivating stories.

A woman food photographer in the background leans down to take a close-up, in a modern kitchen, of autumn fruits and vegetables - mushrooms, garlic, rosemary, and cranberries.

With enough creative freedom, Influencers will show followers how to use a product in ways that cannot be portrayed with a typical ad.

Mid adult woman vlogging in her kitchen.

Influencers SHOW their following how they incorporate a product into their everyday life vs brands who TELL customers.

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