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What I love about Seasoned Influence is the quality of brand partnerships they work with for influencer campaigns and the open communication. The campaigns are always so successful because I know exactly what is expected due to the open communication and the brands also allow me to be creative and authentic with how I share their products.

Laura Leigh

Seasoned Influencers

We work with Seasoned Influencers with a track record of creating mouthwatering content that effortlessly integrates food products into their site and social channels.  Hand-picked for each campaign based on their niche and demographics, they reach a loyal and engaged following who trust them and are eager to hear suggestions and recommendations on what next to try in their kitchen and homes.

“Seasoned Influence is one of the best influencer agencies I have the pleasure of working with! They not only align themselves with good, trustworthy brands but are genuine in their execution and communication with their influencers which makes our jobs – “a walk in the park”, I’m excited to see how their brand database will grow as well as our working relationship!” – Jahira Martin