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How To Spot Good Content from Influencers 

Our first conversation with each new potential client is relatively similar, and we typically begin with asking about the challenges they face and why influencer marketing is of interest. Among the answers we hear, the one that is the most common is, “I don’t have time to create content.”

Very obviously, content is king, and influencers provide the added value of sharing that content created with not only your brand’s audience but also the influencer’s audience. In addition, our potential clients expect to learn about the average reach or impressions of the content created, and a select few mention our favorite measurement – engagement. 

You might think creating content can be as easy as point and shoot. However, creating engaging content, or “thumb-stopping” content as some might say, goes beyond simply snapping a photo. How can you tell the difference between good content, and well… bad content?

Look for indicators such as Creative Direction and Engagement when assessing content from influencers, and be knowledgeable about content expectations set for influencers by your Influencer Agency, Platform or Marketplace. Ask to see collective case studies, specifically the content that was created and not just the results yielded from those efforts.

Creative Direction

Even the creatively-challenged can spot content that has little to no creative direction. Does the copy reflect a unique voice or does it read flat and too promotional? Does the image look like there was thought behind the shot, or is it stagnant and look like it took little to no effort?

At Seasoned Influence, we pride ourselves on providing only the best content for our clients, a standard that is sometimes gambled on in exchange for reach or impressions.


Speaking of reach or impressions, one thing that can easily be assessed is engagement. Take a look at the content creators previous sponsored content in comparison to their organic content. Is it achieving similar engagement? Does that influencer maintain a good balance between creating organic content in addition to sponsored content? How do they incorporate sponsored content into their work, and is it received well by their audience?

Influencers who provide high-quality content will focus on strategic ways to encourage engagement of that content, no matter if it’s organic or sponsored, ensuring that the photos and copy used will grab their audience’s attention from the first scroll.

By zeroing in on these two quick quality indicators, we hope to help you paint the bigger picture for your next campaign. It’s important to not only focus on the quantitative results that help you make strategic decisions, but also the qualitative results and the value of that user-generated content in the long-run.


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